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These are the best OYO programs in the world, developed by the OYO Fitness director, Nick Bolton, designed to Get the best results with the OYO Gym. Stop wasting time and let Nick finally help you reach your goals


Customized Program

Each program is customized to your goals, ensuring the most effective plan you can find.


Workout Accountability

If you have a hard time sticking to a fitness plan, this is your solution. Nick and his team will make sure you get your workouts in consistantly

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Simple 8-Step Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is a vital component to any successful fitness program. This easy-to-follow guide will help you along your way.


Progress Tracking

Check-in days for measurements and the ability to watch your strength change through the program.


Video Exercise Demonstrations

Not sure how to perform an exercise? No problem! Detailed videos will help you through every movement.



Nick and his training staff will be available to answer your questions throughout your program.

Here are some real people with real results!


60 Day Program

60 days until the new you. This program is designed to produce results in less time. This focused approach is customized for all fitness levels.


12 Week Program

12 weeks to transform your body. This program is designed to produce results in less time. This focused approach is customized for all fitness levels.


6 Month Program

Do you have a lot of progress to make? This program is perfect for you. This realistic approach is customized for all fitness levels.


12 Week Group Exercise

Enjoy working out with others? This group exercise program surrounds you with others chasing the same goals. This team approach is customized for all fitness levels.

From the first day I met and trained with Nick in KC, I knew that he was a gifted and highly experienced trainer. Nick is continually obtaining reliable resources and certifications to further his knowledge and education in the fitness industry. Nick is the most humble person I know, as well as caring and professional. When you train with Nick, he will not only get the job done, but help you succeed in reaching your goals. Guaranteed! Nick is the best trainer in KC!
Caryn C.
Nick was instrumental in me loosing 20-pounds in two months. He is a great motivator and fun to work with. I really appreciate his help.
Dave K.

Time to take charge and change your life today!


Nick Bolton, OYO Fitness Director

If you’re like most people, you’re not happy about how you look and feel right now. Think about it… if you’re here, it’s because you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. You’ve probably tried every possible way to get in shape but nothing’s worked. Am I right?

You don’t have to settle for looking and feeling lousy. In fact, if you’ve made up your mind about how you WANT to look and WANT to feel, let me help you! This is what I’ve been doing for thousands of clients all over the world. For 20 years, I’ve been developing some of the most effective fitness programs that are easy to follow and guaranteed to get results.

I like to keep things simple. It’s about putting in the work, trusting the program, and being consistent. My job is to make sure you have to tools and are able to put them to work for REAL RESULTS! Stop settling for mediocre and let me help you TRANSFORM.

I’ve seen the programs that are out there and they just aren’t as effective as they claim to be. In fact, I’m so fed up with all these programs that just don’t get results that I decided to launch (for the first time ever) my personal OYO online programs. If you have an OYO Gym or a DoubleFlex, you HAVE TO join one of my OYO Online Programs.

Time to take charge and change your life today!

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