14 May

Cardio Vs Weights


Best Order For a Workout: Weights VS Cardio

One of the very common question that I’ve been getting is whether to do cardio or weights first?  The answer is simple, if you’re looking at taking full advantage of your exercise in changing your body, you need to spend time on the strength training equipment before stepping on the cardio side.  I had this same conversation with several members last week, to find them surprised by the answer. 

The Details:

When you first walk through the doors of the fitness center, you’re body has a very limited supply of glycogen (energy stored in the body’s muscle tissue).  This energy is depleted very rapidly when working out.  Once it’s gone, your body needs to rely on other sources of energy that are less efficient.  It becomes very important to use this glycogen (energy) on strength training moves that are harder [than cardio].  That way, you can focus on proper technique to stay safe, while moving heavier weight more times – this allows your muscles to work harder and burn more calories.  You’re body will also improve development of muscle and bone density – thereby increasing your metabolism.  Plus, you’re able to perform cardio when your body is tired – you’re less likely to be able to lift adequate weight if you’re already tired.

If you begin your workout with more than 15 minutes of cardio, you will deplete your glycogen energy supply before you even move any weight.  This will mean you won’t have the energy for a decent workout that will challenge your body effectively.  When you’re already tired and try to move weight, you will risk improper form, fatigue, and possible injury.  Basically, you get sloppy. 

The next time you come in for your workout, try performing a short 5 minute warmup and then move toward the resistance training side, followed immediately by your cardio workout.  You will make a step toward that fitness goal by burning more calories and increasing your metabolism. 

The new reality star workout

Former firefighter and current fitness trainer, Nick Bolton takes on some of the toughest men from across the country in Steve Austin’s new reality competition, Broken Skull Challenge on CMT.  Nick, a former career firefighter, has been person training clients for nearly 15 years and puts his knowledge to the test to get ready for this intense battle on reality TV. 

His non-traditional style of training lends to acclimation to his environment.  When he was firefighting, he worked out in the brutal summer heat to better prepare for the demands of fighting fire.  Now, he takes to his surroundings, creating exciting new workouts that challenge the body differently every time.  This has allowed him to continue to develop an impressive physique without the mundane weight workouts of the gym. 

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